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Wilson’s Life is dedicated to Leading, Inspiring, Fulfilling and Enhancing organisations and individuals lives, by identifying personal beliefs, values and standards, gaining clarity on their specific goals, unlocking true potential and ultimately achieving their desired outcomes. Below are the three services we offer which we believe will help you achieve your goals. 

First Step Forward

The CIC organisation of Wilsons Life Wellbeing, whose primary Aim is to Support, Signpost and provide Self-Help Workshops to Veterans and their Partners, who struggle with Mental Health challenges. 

Secondary to this, but of equal importance, is to provide Understanding, Support and Training for those in Education, Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners. This is achieved by Nick providing "Talks" on his own personal journey, Presentations on the "Financial impact of Mental Health in business" and Mental Health First Aid Courses.

Working Minds Matter

Workplace Mental Health is impacting on your Business as you read this, are you fully aware of where and how? Buzz words such as: Absenteeism and Presenteeism are currently being used, are you aware of them and their direct impact on your business?

Retention, Recruitment and Employee Incentives are all affected by Workplace Mental Health, but when effective initiatives are implemented, they will have a positive impact on them and your Business. There are no shortcuts though and specific frameworks need to be created to meet your requirements.

As a Veteran of some fourteen years and a Entrepreneur/Businessman of four, I have experienced first hand the value and importance of words such as: teamwork, professionalism, trust, support, values and standards, both within the military and business context. They have unified individuals, made the impossible - possible, saved lives and built multi-million pound companies. However, these simply remain just words unless everyone in your organisation believes in them, follows them, is trained in them and benefits personally from them, then and only then, will you experience the true value that such strength and unity provides.

Nick Wilson

As a Soldier of 14 years, Veteran, Solopreneur and Businessman of 5 years, published Author, Presenter and Public Speaker of Inspirational speeches, Nick has this ability to have a profound impact on those he meets.

A debilitating spinal injury leaves Nick in constant chronic pain, every hour of every day. Which when combined with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, can be extremely tiring physically, emotionally and mentally. However, Nick refuses to allow this prevent him from being a success and built his first successful business, within two years of leaving the Army, before selling and moving into Workplace Mental Health.

Life though, as we all can be painfully aware, has a habit of throwing us a challenge or two whilst we are happily shaping the lives we desire, or in some cases, striving to make those changes which will enable us to reach that point. Has Life taken control of you and dictating how you live? What happened to all those dreams and goals you had as a child? Don’t sit back and let things happen, take control of your life and make things happen, contact us to find out more.

The Business Battlefield - Out Now

Buy a copy of my new book via Amazon or should you prefer a signed paperback, then simply drop me a line, then I can arrange for them to be sent out to you;

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