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"Only you can change you, so make plans based on reflection, understanding and goal setting, within the context of your career, education or for self-improvement to fully live your life" - Nick Wilson, Personal Development Coach and Published Author.

Developing, Evolving and Growing

As a Veteran of some fourteen years and a Entrepreneur/Businessman of five. Nick Wilson has experienced first hand, both within the military and business context, the importance of investing resources into the continued development of yourself and others. Nick achieves this, through a process he calls: TIME - Train, Inspire, Motivate and Empower, which is combined with a true understanding of your Ethics, Values and Standards. 

However, TIME remains merely as a nice thought, with the usual words, unless you, everyone within your organisation and in particular, those in executive positions, believe in them, is trained in them and implements them. Then and only then, will you find yourself and others, truly Developing, Evolving and Growing, personally and professionally, absolutely benefiting from every aspect that TIME provides you.

In this ever-evolving world we work and live, the importance of ongoing Development: Personally, Professionally and within an Organisation, has remained a constant true and our ability to grow, lead, manage and inspire others has never been more critical.

  • Personally, you look to develop within the context of education, relationships and for for self-improvement. 
  • Professionally, you look to enhance your career opportunities, whilst remaining current and competent with your specialised field.
  • As an Organisation, you understand and therefore benefit, from investing in the development of your workforce.

Personal Impact

Developing yourself will empower you to achieve greater things, but it will also greatly benefit those you work for, as you become more efficient, a better communicator and a better team player, which will only have a positive impact on those around you and would enable you to;

  • Identify your true potential
  • Accelerate career development
  • Understand your true self, your emotions and enhancing people skills
  • Recognise the emotions of others, enabling you to resolve conflict more effectively
  • Improve your ability to communicate, influence and work with others

Organisation Impact

Organisations have identified, by promoting a healthy working environment for their work force and investing in development and growth, they benefit through the loyalty of their employees and financially, making it a sound business decision. We therefore assist our clients in implementing: TIME - Train, Inspire, Motivate, Empower with this leading to; 

  • Increased Retention
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • A happier, healthier and more efficient workforce
  • Team players, who better understand, relate to and promote rapport building
  • Supervisors identifying higher risk individuals, helping to prevent a variety of problems earlier
  • Increased employee cooperation, increased motivation, increased productivity, and increased profits
  • Implementation, promotion and monitoring of enhanced policies, having a direct positive impact on organisational performances

The Business Battlefield - Out Now

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