Military Transitions

There is no doubting the value that Military Service personnel can add to any organisation, so learn how to best maximise these highly trained and experienced Veterans, by implementing my own designed, Transitions into Employment - TIE Model.

Military Transition Consultancy

We work with organisations that have signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, are looking to employ or who already employ, military service personnel and/or veteran's. It can be very confusing for anyone, who are looking to support the armed forces community, understanding how military skills transfer across into their own specific industries and what "baggage" might the military individual bring with them? 

Transitioning from the Armed Forces to a Civilian way of life, is one area of concern, however to then move on with a new career, be it Employed or Self-Employed, can also be a huge transition, all of which require a lot of forethought and planning. It is not merely the identifying of transferable skills possessed, translating that to the workplace and/or business, but also the integration with a current work force, ongoing daily communications and understanding how things work outside of the Armed Forces.

What Do We Provide An Organisation?

We translate the transferable military skills into your specific industry and I have designed my own flexible Transition Into Employment - TIE "Model", which can be adapted around your specific requirements. This is combined with a very professional, bespoke touch and my personal experience of this process, that ensures you receive the maximum return on your investment and the Veteran's gain relevant support.

I work with a selection of trusted and experienced Military Recruitment companies, who have a current pool of over 250,000 Veterans, all Tri - Service, at varying ages, that have a wide range of skills and abilities. By working alongside these businesses it enables me to provide you with a complete solution and to not merely meet your specific initial requirements, but also your ongoing, training and support needs.

Acting as your initial point of contact, I will gain a better understanding of your specific requirements, your processes, policies and identifying what procedures and/or support is currently in place for employing Veterans, to ensure your Business gains the best return on its investment, this is done by;

  • Providing workshops/support to the HR staff surrounding military terminology and transferable skills
  • Introducing the Transition into Employment - Wilsons TIE Model for employing veterans
  • Understanding your recruitment process, suggesting areas of improvement where military personnel are concerned
  • Identifying areas within the interview process specifically which could be enhanced
  • Providing Transition/Integration Workshops to Veterans
  • Providing ongoing Leadership and Management, Personal Development (CPD)Workshops for all workforce
  • Providing ILM level 3 - 7 certified courses
  • Ability to work with Milton Keynes College on Apprenticeships(including the Levy)

Whilst there are a rising number of organisations who suggest they also assist with this, their relevant experience and abilities must be identified, whilst others are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of personnel leaving the forces and employees requiring support. There are generic Military Employment Programmes, however they simply do not suit everybody and can be very inflexible.

What Do We Provide An Individual?

We face many life changing Transitions over time, each one consisting of varying challenges to overcome and major decisions to make, which impedes our ability to handle that specific transition and ultimately, the direction your life proceeds thereafter. Whether you are Military or Civilian, life transitions can be equally as challenging, from those returning to work after long term maternity/sick leave, facing a career change and Military Service leavers/Veterans, gaining employment outside of the Armed Forces for the first time. Each have a variety of challenges, specific to you and your transition.

It is my job to provide support, assistance and guidance, relate to and understand your concerns, so that I get to see and gain a feel for the whole picture. I have various tools and techniques that aide me in asking those seeking questions, which will assist you in, not only making those unemotional decisions, but also to work on putting a structured plan in place, that will aide you in taking the first step forward into your new life.

"As an Armed Forces leaver, I have experienced the Transition from Military to Civilian life and then on into the Business world as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur. As such I can relate to the emotions, frustrations and challenges faced, prior to, during and after the Military Transition, combined with the trepidation and anxieties that come from leaving the folds of the Armed Forces" - Nick Wilson.

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