“If you can identify, accept and remain open, your understanding of those around you and of yourself will free your mind!” – Nick Wilson.

My Story

Wilson’s Life Wellbeing, was founded by Nick Wilson and is dedicated to Leading, Inspiring, Facilitating and Empowering individuals and organisations, to the understanding of Workplace Mental Health. An average business introduction, which is all well and good, but why Mental Health? Well Nick Wilson, who is a Veteran and served 14 years in the British Army, was officially diagnosed by Combat Stress in early 2016, as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD.

This has been compounded by a debilitating spinal injury that leaves Nick in chronic pain every minute of every hour of every day, that is extremely tiring physically, emotionally and mentally. It is safe to say that Nick has a wealth of first-hand experience on: living with a Mental Illness, the level of Stigma associated with Mental Health and the difficulties faced by those with the diagnosis and their loved ones affected by it.


Nick deployed on several Operational Tours such as: Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan during his time in the Army. This is where he learned a wide variety of skills and successfully completed various duties whilst serving for Queen and country, mostly he was heavily involved with Training, Coaching and Mentoring, receiving world class training, putting this into practice on a daily basis.

On leaving the military in 2012 and with the skills learned and honed during his time in the military, combined with life experiences, Nick started a Chauffeur car business. Even on being officially diagnosed with PTSD in 2016, Nick turned the business into a £1/4million turnover company and the ensuing brand he created became extremely well known and respected throughout Oxfordshire.

Charity Work

During my time in the Army I spent alot of time organising Charity events at various locations around the globe, including whilst on Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, raising money for Macmillan Cancer, Royal British Legion and Help For Heroes. 

I was finally “officially” diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, by Combat Stress in 2015 and have since, worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the struggle Veterans and their families face on a daily basis, whilst fighting to remove the stigma attached to this “Unsighted Wound”.

Through these times, I have used my own personal, painful experiences and combined them with those I had through my time in the Army, as a professional coach and mentor, in order to assist others in their own lives and as such created an online signposting and self-help site – First Step Forward

The largest event I planned, organised and took part in, was a 1000mile non-stop cycle ride from Esbjerg down the west coast through Europe to Ranville in France in time for the 60th Anniversary of D-Day and was one of many handful of highlights in my life, which saw us raising over £20,000. There was also, the Basrah Valentine Half Marathon, where over 450 Multinational Armed Forces personnel took part in a Half Marathon, covered by the Sun newspaper, running around in the searing heat, at Iraq's international Basrah airport, which also included a sandstorm!

It has been an absolute honor and privilege, to work with the Charities and all those individuals who not only supported me through sponsoring, but also through providing emotional support and physically taking part. In total, everyone who has supported me over the years, has helped to raise over £50,000 for various charities.

The Business Battlefield - Out Now

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